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Each natural stone has unique characteristics and maintenance requirements. It depends on your lifestyle and the application of the material, as some types of stone may be more suitable than others.
While man­made stones are repetitive and artificial­ looking, natural stones are produced as a result of millions of years of geological changes. The results are a vast variation in shades, colors and characteristics. When using natural stones, there are no two installations that will ever look exactly the same. Man­made stones easily wear over time and are quick to lose their appeal, while nature stones retain their beauty for thousands of years.
As quarry and manufacturing technologies improve, the cost of natural stone has become more affordable and is comparable to other solid surface materials. Marble and granite, in particular, have reduced in price in recent years. Natural stone is more durable; therefore, it is a better value in the long term. At Quality Granite Outlet, our granite countertops start from $30/sf installed.Please check out our Special Offers.
The price of granite is based on its availability – the less the supply the higher the cost. The color, availability and movement of the stone also determine the price.
The price of stone depends on the capacity of the quarry and its production volume. The higher the production, the less expensive the price.
Natural stone is produced by nature the same way regardless of geographic origin. The finishing and manufacturing process reveals the remarkable beauty of natural stone.
Natural stone can be used almost anywhere including flooring, kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathrooms, vanity tops, shower enclosures, tub surrounds, wall coping, pools, patios, fireplaces and even driveways. Natural stone can be cut ­to ­size for almost any space inside or outside your home.
Although it can be sealed, marble is much more porous than granite making it susceptible to staining in heavy use areas such as kitchens. Marble is also much softer than granite increasing the likelihood of scratching and chipping with frequent use. Furthermore, the mineral composition of marble can react with certain acidic products like citrus juice and vinegar causing the polished finish to etch.
Bacteria requires several things in order to thrive and grow: oxygen, sunlight, water, nutrients and a substrate to form on. The minerals found in granite are toxic to most bacteria. As a result, granite is not a habitable environment for bacteria to live and grow on. The Marble Institute of America has conducted independent research on bacteria growth on all countertop materials. Granite ranked first in cleanability and was second only to stainless steel in inhibiting bacteria growth.
The thickness of the stones that we carry is 3cm (=1 1/4”).
The weight of granite depends on its density. The average piece of granite is 1 1/4" thick and can weigh around 18 to 20 pounds per square foot.
For kitchen countertops the average overhang is 1 1/2”. Bathrooms will usually have overhangs at either 1” or 1 1/2”.
Anything with an overhang of more than 10” needs to have a support. You can cantilever granite up to 14” with sufficient support on the fixed end and with a large enough piece. Please consult one of our professionals to determine what support is required. Quality Granite carries metal brackets. Supports can also be found at Home Depot or Lowe's.
Most cabinets are sturdy enough for most granite countertop installations. However, we do suggest additional corner bracings if you have large, self­-standing or furniture style islands.
For new construction, the base cabinets must be set in place before a template can be made.
It depends on several factors such as; size of the granite slab, dimensions of the countertop, weight of the countertop, grain direction of the granite, sink/cooktop cutouts, access into the house, dishwasher location, etc. Our team will work with you for the best way to put the seam if they are needed.
The natural stone industry standard is a seam width of 1/16 of an inch. There is a maximum lippage (amount one piece will protrude above another) for the industry of 3/32 of an inch at the center point of the countertop with no lippage at the ends. A colored epoxy resin is used during installation that is mixed with colored crystals to match the granite as closely as possible. However, after the installation you will still be able to see and feel the seams in your countertop.
Quality Granite provides samples of certain granite. We cut the samples from our in­stock slabs. Please call our office at 412­-434-­8900 to check sample availability.
Granite is a natural stone with natural variations in color, tone, pattern, etc. These variations are part of natural stone's inherent beauty. We recommended that customer view an actual slab at our store or visit our suppliers warehouse.
Our average lead time for installation is approximately 2 weeks from the measurement date. The lead time for pick­up jobs is 5-­7 business days. This is subject to change.
The countertop can be used immediately after installation. However, we suggest not reconnecting the plumbing until 24 hours after installation is completed. This will allow the epoxy that holds the sink in place to cure.
Yes, we will remove your existing countertop and haul it away for an additional charge.
Yes, however, you will quickly dull your knives. On the measure of hardness (MOH) scale, a diamond receives the highest ranking of a 10, granite scores between a 6-­9. A stainless steel kitchen knife ranks at 5.5 so a cutting board is recommended.
Granite can withstand heat up to 1200F. However, the mica and feldspar pieces can chip out if heat is applied directly. Hot pads or trivets are highly recommended.
You should never have a problem with chipping or cracking under normal kitchen conditions. You should never drop heavy, hard objects onto your countertops, nor should you stand on your granite countertops.
Granite is an extremely hard surface and will not scratch under normal use. However, it is always possible to scratch any surface, even a diamond, if it is subjected to sufficient force.
About 90% of all our granite stones are resin treated at the quarry. As added protection from staining, you should seal the granite surface after installation. Most stains that do occur in granite can be removed.
It is recommended that you use specialized granite cleaner every few months or for daily use, use a mild liquid dish­soap and water. Keep in mind that a dish­soap may lead to soap build up which will dull the granite countertops. After using the dish­soap and water use a cotton towel or microfiber towel to rinse and dry the countertop.
Avoid using anything that may contain ammonia or bleach, any bathroom cleaners and grout cleaners that may contain acids. These chemicals could have a bleaching or etching affect. Strong acids such as lemon juice and vinegar also can be harmful if allowed to stand on the surface. Should your surface accidentally be exposed to any potentially damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect.
It depends upon your usage. Some household cleaners may cause your sealer's bond to weaken. We recommend granite counter tops be sealed every 6 months.
To check whether your granite is sealed, leave a few drops of water on the surface of your counter. If it beads up, you have a secure seal. If after a few minutes the water is soaked into the granite, then it's time to reseal the stone.
For installation jobs, 50% of the total is needed as a deposit before scheduling an installation date. Balance is due upon completion of the installation. Any order cancelled before fabrication has been started will be subject to a 15% re­stocking fee on the total order. Any order cancelled after fabrication has been started is subject to a 50% manufacturing fee. No refund will be given if your granite has been delivered to us from a supplier. For pick up orders, a 100% full payment is required upon placing the order.
Yes, we accept all major credit cards; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.
Yes, we have 5 years warranty on all out granite installations. Please contact our representatives for details.